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the first secret of success


Do you want to move forward and achieve personal and professional goals? Do you want to have a meaningful life where you feel like you belong?

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Who am I ?



Passionate about Enneagram, a powerful personal development tool that highlights 9 personality types, I develop my coaching practice around this self-knowledge which offers everyone the opportunity to move towards their personal development, to have a better self-confidence and empathy.


The Enneagram is an invitation to better understand yourself in order to move forward more accurately and more surely on your professional and personal life path. ​


I am here to listen to you and support you in this search for yourself and make you understand what you can set up to achieve your goals. This involves highlighting your qualities, your values, your resources and cultivating your talents.


my coaching support

Today : you are maybe at a crossroads in your personal and/or professional life and you feel alone at this crossroads, hesitant, scattered or even blocked ​.

What is certain : you feel the need to return to your “essentials”, the need of a greater self-confidence by re-connecting to your successes and talents, the need to understand your fears and overcome them. the need to find a good personal/professional/social life balance .

Let me accompany you  move forward, not stagnating anymore or going around in circles but allowing you to re-discover yourself thanks to the Enneagram, deploy yourself and develop a better self-confidence to move forward and be more fulfilled in your life.

3 options:


Thanks to the enneagram you will have a clear map of your personality :

  • by identifying your strengths and points of vigilance, your qualities and your talents

  • by understanding your “perception of the world”, your defense mechanisms and your type of communication.

  • by knowing which exercises allow you to progress


Having self-confidence means knowing yourself well but also: ​


  • ​understanding your values ​​

  • which “drivers” take you forward

  • what successes give you joy

  • what emotions drive you and how to manage them

  • ​what are your limiting and supporting beliefs

  • what are your talents and how to make them flourish

LAUNCH your own project

By defining a project that would motivate you, resemble you and would be meaningful to you.

  • ​what is it or what could it be?

  • check that it is in accordance with your qualities, your skills and your values

  • define the broad outlines and stages

  • dare to take the plunge

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